Gearless & Traction Machine

Gear Housing

Made high - strength close quality cast iron os per IS 210


Carburized and hardened high tensile strength steel, including a full control by magnetic particles. In order to assure the values of pressure Angle, Pilch and Run (fr.) Worm Tested as per the norms under the knee inspection.

Crown Cear

Mode in Pb2c, Phosphorus bronze centrifugal casting, to achieve good strength and perfect homogeneity of material structure with greor fracture and weor resistance for good sliding properties, shrink fitted and bolted with C.I. Centre. We are manufacturing the worm wheel as, international standards to provide extra strength to the machine.

Worm Wheel Shaft

In Special all, steel, hardened tempered and ground, supported by anti wear sleeve bearing.

The Wheel & Worm

The Wheel & Worm gear perfectly matched to minirnized backless taking place. Traction Sheave In high grade cost iron Iachieve good strength & wear properties.


Independently acting shoes provided according to the international rules, 110V D.C. Electromagnet


The main feature of Motor It is its high staring torque,law starting current and slip smooth accelerations and performance. In accordance to IS: 8151, 1976 Specification

Type ER : Gearless Machine Capacity : 630 to 1600 kg Speed : 0.63 m/s - 1.75 m/s Static Shaft Load : 8000 kg I Output Rated Torque : 310 N.m - 665 N.m I Roping : 2 1 Rope : 08mm I Starting Per Hour : 180


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