Cabin Design

Product Range The product range of Company includes all types of lifts for Residential / Housing, Industrial Sectors & Dumbwaiter.


" Helping people in thousands of office and residential buildingsgetto work on time and in style "

Space efficiency - Maximum car sizes with minimum shaft dimensions. Increases passenger convenience while saving Construction costs

Accessibility - Easy to use for everybody not only for disabled Reliable design-Gearless HD Elevators Ecofriendly hoisting solution is reliable

Glamorous design- Wide selection of visually pleasing and durable materials and different glass cars available

Fully customization of elevator design is possible - HD Elevators its visual design team to providesolution that is perfectly aligned with the architect's vision.

1. MS Cabin with Powder Coated.

2. SS (202,304) sheet quality with 1 & 1.2 gauge

2. SS Golden Cabins

2. SS Semiformal Formal Cabins


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